Terms and Conditions

By booking any event, party or activity with Everlasting Entertainment, you agree with the following terms.


 1. Payments, refunds and cancellation policy ‐ A non-refundable 20% booking fee is required in order to secure your party date and time. The remaining 80% must be paid 48 hours before the party. If the remaining balance isn’t paid BEFORE the party- we will be unable to attend. Cancellations are not available- but we’ll be happy to arrange a new date for your party. In the event of cancellation due to sickness, venue issues, etc. we will be more than happy to exchange the total cost of your deposit for a gift card of the same value. 


2. Parents or the responsible adults they have placed in charge of their children (hereinafter jointly referred to as "Guardians") must be present at the party at all times when their children are inside and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Guardians must not leave their children whilst a party or event is going on. Everlasting Entertainment is not able or permitted to offer any childminding services or to take responsibility for the welfare of any children, which remains the sole responsibility of the children's Guardians. In addition to being responsible for their children whilst inside at the party, Guardians are obliged to satisfy themselves that the equipment and activities are suitable for their children. 


3. Equipment and consumables used at Everlasting Entertainment are suitable for children over 3 years of age as recommended by the manufacturers. No sharps (ie Scissors) will be used in the activities. If any children under 3 years of age are attending then the booking party and the guardians of those children will be required to take full responsibility and liability for the monitoring of those children. All activities, equipment, materials, gifts and consumables are recommended for a minimum age of 3 years and certain food and beverage items may be unsuitable for younger children, therefore guardians will need to ensure that they supervise and agree to the usage of the same. For Events, the same policy herein applies and each Guardian by booking and attending an event will have read and understood these terms and conditions and hereby agrees to them in their entirety.


4. It is the responsibility of the responsible Guardians to advise Everlasting Entertainment of any allergies or medical conditions relating to any of the activities, equipment, consumables, décor, accessories, face painting products or food and beverage (hereinafter "items") used at the parties or events. We accept no liability or responsibility for any adverse reaction to any of the items and Guardians should use their own discretion when allowing their children to use or consume such items.


5. Whilst at the party, children will interact with and watch the Performers for the duration of the party or event, however, it is the responsibility of the attending Guardians to ensure that their children are not overly disruptive or acting inappropriately. In the case of such behaviour, the Guardians will be notified immediately and if necessary the Guardians will need to escort the child from the room for the rest of the party or event. For persistent behavioural problems leading to the disruption, we reserve the right to refuse admission to one of our parties or events permanently.


6. If the activity requires it, Guardians should ensure that shoes are removed, as should any jewellery, sharp objects and any items from their children’s pockets before the party starts.


7. In the event of an accident, professional medical advice must be sought immediately.


8. Any damage to Everlasting Entertainment’s equipment or costumes will be chargeable at an appropriate amount for repairs or replacement. Any items which are lost or taken by a child, including costumes and accessories will be charged to the booker.


9. Should a child be ill whilst at the party, Guardians must ensure that they leave the Venue immediately for risk of infection to other children. If a child is ill prior to attending, we respectfully request that the Guardians act responsibly and do not attend that day, to ensure that other children do not catch any illnesses or communicable diseases or viruses. This includes such conditions as head lice and anything that may be passed from one child to another.


10. Everlasting Entertainment aims to provide a safe and fun environment for children however does not accept any responsibility or liability for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of playing with items or for children slipping, tripping, falling and bumping into other children or items during the party/event.


11. If a customer is booking for somebody else’s child and that child’s Guardians bring the child then it is up to the customer who is booking to ensure that these terms and conditions have been brought to the attention of that child’s Guardians before they attend. In addition, if a booking customer is bringing children who are not their own, then that customer is deemed to be their Guardian and fully responsible for the children that he or she brings.


12. Party packages are provided as a guideline and whilst we always endeavour to complete all suggested activities- we may have to substitute in other activities based on children’s behaviour, amount of children and other activities taking place during the booking (ie time to eat). We will always complete the full time paid for.


13. Everlasting Entertainment aims to provide magical memories for the attending children. We therefore do not accept any unruly, disruptive, unreasonable, offensive or aggressive behaviour or communication to its staff and performers whether before, during or after events. In the event that a customer acts in this manner before an event then Everlasting Entertainment reserves the right at its discretion to refund the customer in full and to decline any existing and future bookings. In the event that a customer acts in this manner during or after an event then Everlasting Entertainment reserves the right to leave and decline any future bookings.


14. Please adhere to the guidelines set out for your party package. 


15. Entertainers are unable to perform outdoors in overly hot or cold conditions. Everlasting Entertainment reserves the right to reschedule or cancel events taking place outdoors if it may be a danger to our staff and performers.